Friday, 8 November 2013

What a Designer can do using Verilog HDL -

What a Designer can do using Verilog HDL -

What a Designer can do using VerilogHDL : (Learn Verilog HDL with Naresh Singh Dobal series).

Now next thing is What you we do with the Help of HDL’s-
So here I can say that you can design a complete electronics part of any system with the help of HDL’s, You can design any type of circuits like a complete robot system design, a home automation system, security system, life style appliances, Industry automation system, PLC’s etc, You can design a microprocessor or a microcontroller of your own configuration according to your requirement, you can design a computer on chip etc.
Second most widely used application of HDL’s are you can directly configure your design or system on Hardware with the help of PLD’s, There are multiple type and class of PLD’s like PAL (Programmable Array Logic), PLA (Programmable Logical Array). SPLD (Simple Programmable Logical Devices), CPLD (Complex Programmable Logical Devices),
PROM (Programmable ROM), FPGA (Field Programmable Gate Array), ASIC ( Application Specific Integrated Circuit). Among these FPGA & ASIC are widely used for configuration. That means with the help of FPGA devices we can directly configure our system on Hardware and can test our design in real time environment.

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