Sunday, 28 July 2013

FPGA / CPLD Based Project

FPGA / CPLD Based Project -

    1. Full Functional Industrial Digital Clock with Time & Alarm Setting with LCD Interfacing.
    2. Interesting 2 Digit Dice Game Project.
    3. Industrial Count Down Timer with Time Setting and Buzzer.
    4. Two Tokan Display with Direct Restart key and hold feature.
    5. GSM Control Robot with LCD Display (Shows Received Commands). 
    6. Metro Train Prototype System With LCD, Motor and automatic Door and Buzzer Interface.
    7. GSM Control Home Appliances.
    8. Wireless RF Controlled Robot With Transmission Power Saving and LCD Display.
    9. RF Controlled robot with lcd display using RF modules
    10. Home aplliances control remotely using RF module with two mode display.
    11. Multi function stepper motor control (direction_rotations).
    12. Sleep Mode time for any electrical appliances (more than 4 hours of timer).
    13. Automatic UV light controller for PCB development process.
    14. Electrical energy saver using home automation.
    15. Automatic auditorium Management system,
    16. Physiometer
    17. Line Following Robot
    18. Obstacle avoiding robot
    19. Wall Following robot
    20. Table anti-falling robot.
    21. Digital Frequency Meter.
    22. Digital Voltmeter
    23. Wireless RF based car parking monitoring & indicator system.
    24. Blind walking stick with pre-recorded voice system.
    25. Temperature controlled automatic fan.
    26. Intelligent street light controller prototype system.
    27. Fastest Finger Detection System.
    28. Temperature controller with hight and low temperature settings.
    29. Password based door locking system.
    30. Contactless Technometer.
    31. Wireless RF Based Object Counter monitoring on veryer belt for industry.
    32. Wireless RF Home Security System.
    33. Wireless RF Code Lock lor car/door security.
    34. Wireless RF Local Positioning system prototype for one vichle.
    35. Telephone call meter.
    36. Dsitance monitoring robot with wireless RF Technolgogy.
    37. Wireless RF based fan speed controller (100 mt range).
    38. Object Following Robot.
    39. Wireless Home/Office Security system against theif, fire, gas leakage with autodialar.
    40. Food Rail.
    41. Automatic Temperature based CPU fan controller.
    42. Multi-functional robot with LCD Display.
    43. Modular Addition Technique (MOD-7).
    44. Industrial Object Counter with faulty Item detection and controlling.
    45. Automatic Garage System with wireless controlled gate and 30 sec. timer.
    46. Automatic  Railway Crossing system.
    47. Full Automatic Water Pump Controlling Device.
    48. Step Based Stepper Motor controlling.
    49. Servo Motor Controlling with 1 degree flexibility.
    50. Prototype of Automatic lift system.
    51. DTMF based contact number logger system.
    52. Number System conversion system.
    53. Fire Fighting robot
    54. 1 min. sound message recorder and re-player system.
    55. Wireless robot control with speed controlling.
    56. Day Calculater
    57. GSM Fan speed Controller.
    58. Digital Controlling of DC motor with wireless RPM measurement.
    59. Digital Bus prototype system.
    60. Controlling electric appliances using IR modules.
    61. Light Following Robot
    62. Wireless Robot control using IR module
    63. Fan speed control using IR module
    64. LPG & CNG gas leackage detector and controller.
    65. Wireless weather monitoring system.
    66. Automatic plant irrigator.
    67. Wireless Pedometer.
    68. Automatic School Bell.
    69. GSM based digital code door lock with password change feature.
    70. Electronic voting machine.
    71. Prototype of automatic hand washer.
    72. Clap operated robot.
    73. Master following robot threw IR sensor.
    74. LED light chaser with different patterns & continuous key speed control.
    75. In/Out Visitor Counter.
    76. GSM controlled automatic and password secured car garrage.
    77. 32 LED  Casino Game with Decreasing running speed.
    78. GSM Controlled Home security system.
    79. Wireless dual dc motor speed and direction control using PWM.
    80. Motor cycle universal gear indicator.
    81. Wireless controlled viewing angle of security camera using two servos.
    82. Wireles servo motor controlling with 10 degree ste (+/-) and lcd display.
    83. IR communication between two devices.
    84. Industrial Verison of Fastest Finger First ystem.
    85. Fixed Digital Frequency Generator with LCD display up to 50 MHz.
    86. Wireless servo motor controlling with LCD display.
    87.  Autonomus path follower with front obstacle detection system.
    88. Automatic 180 degree camera motion control for security with speed control.
    89. Password based time bomb.
    90. Predefined programmed path follower without any line with front obstacle detector.
    91. User programmable path follower without any line with front obstacle detector.
    92. Mobile Controlled DC motor control.
    93. Stepper Motor Control through RF Link.
    94. Potentiometer based stepper motor control.
    95. Timer Based Electronics oven and temperature monitoring.
    96. UART based Digital clock using rs232 protocol.
    97. UART based Temperature logger using rs232 protocol.
    98. UART Based count down timer clock with log data recorder.
    99. UART based type Writer using 6x5 keypad and lcd display.
    100. Microwave oven with automatic temperature and timer.
    101. Real Time Direction Finder of Motor.
    102. Direction and speed Finder of motor.
    103. Two Tokan Display for Fast Food Centers.
    104. Message Moving Display on 5x28 LED matrix for 12 characters.
    105. Communication Encoders and Decoders
    106. Rectangle & circle & Polygen Design using two stepper motor
    107. Advanced Encryption Technique (128 bit encryption) AES
    108. Wireless stepper motor speed and direction control
    109. Automatic washing machine
    110. Path Follower with front obstacle detection & antifalling robot
    111. Digital Clock with alarm flexible settings.


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